Get your Energy back and fight Fatigue naturally

Get your Energy back and fight Fatigue naturally

Everyone has bad and tiresome days. Days wherein being a couch potato feels like the best thing in the world and moving even a limb sounds like an unattainable task. And such days are important too because we deserve them after all the hard work we do in our day to day life. But if this is how you spend most of your days then it sounds like a problem. Chronic low energy while much destructive in itself could be a sign for serious underlying illness for everyone but especially for men. It does not affect their day to day life in general but can also cause changes in their appearance too by causing weight gain and hair loss. There are various reasons why some men might suffer from fatigue for weeks at a time.


As men age, the production of testosterone in their bodies gradually decreases. This has various implications because testosterone is responsible for maintaining many bodily functions ranging from bone density to muscle mass. When the testosterone level drops significantly, it usually results in an increase in body fat, reduced sex drive, low motivation and difficulties in sleeping.  This subsequently results in mental and physical fatigue. One cure for this is testosterone supplements. If you seem to be suffering from this, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider immediately. 


The most common symptom of diabetes is fatigue. It can be a result of high blood sugar levels, mental and emotional issues, being overweight and other such complications of the condition. When a person is diabetic, their body does not produce enough insulin or faces issues in using it effectively. Insulin helps absorb glucose from the blood. The resultant lack of glucose in the cells results in fatigue and weakness. Some changes in the lifestyle can help a person manage diabetes fatigue.


Reduced levels of thyroid hormone or hypothyroidism can vastly fluctuate your energy levels. Even though the thyroid is more common in women, men can suffer from it too. Fatigue, weight gain, muscle aches, and depression are some symptoms of hypothyroidism. Interestingly, there is a link between testosterone and thyroid hormone. Low levels of thyroid hormone can trigger low levels of testosterone, leading to fatigue. Hence its treatment might do away with the symptoms of fatigue as well. 


When we sleep, our body rejuvenates itself and readies itself for the day ahead. Poor quality of sleep or a serious lack of it is one of the biggest reasons for fatigue. Having good sleeping habits is of utmost importance. While getting your work done late into the night is peaceful, it is surely disrupting your health. Remember to get at least 6-7 hours of concentrated sleep every night.  


Inadequate diet and lack of exercise causes fatigue and lowered energy levels. While exercising does not sound appealing to many and even more so to people with low energy levels, it has uncountable benefits. Even a 30-minute walk at least five times a week suffices and is bound to get you up and running due to the adrenaline rush. Exercising regularly can on one hand decrease fatigue and, on the other hand, improve the quality of your sleep. However, too much exercise can also result in low energy levels. So striking a balance is important. A way to get all the required nutrients is by eating portion controlled meals and healthy snacks. Incorporating  fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains and plenty of water in your diet is recommended. Junk food should only be reserved for special occasions as these foods are known to drain energy and cause fatigue. It should be made sure that the body is not suffering from any iron deficiencies that might cause fatigue.


In addition to proper diet and exercise we also recommend incorporating daily supplements in your diet. It is entirely possible that your body won’t get the necessary nutrients only from food because in this fast paced life it is hard to make sure you eat healthy when you barely get time to eat but also because in today’s time we cannot trust that the fruits and vegetables we are consuming are completely unadulterated and free of chemicals. To protect men from this woe Sesa has come up with Ayurvedic Hair & Vitality Booster Juice For Men. This juice has been carefully concocted using centuries old wisdom to help men tackle issues like decreased energy levels and recurring hair problems. With the power of ayurvedic ingredients like shilajit, ashwagandha, jatamansi and bhringraj this juice provides men vitality and virility as well as fights all their hair worries.

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