An Ayurvedic doctor’s mission to
help his patients fight hair fall

Sesa was born in 1995 as a real solution to a real problem - hair
fall. This problem is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago.

Sesa's founder, Dr Dahyabhai Patel was a passionate Ayurvedic doctor who practised medicine at his dispensary located in the small town of Rajkot in Gujarat. One of the concerns he used to get from his patients often was hair fall. Deeply moved by how this affected their confidence and self-esteem, he resolved to use Ayurveda to solve this problem.

To understand the root cause of hair fall, Dr Dahyabhai Patel studied the ancient Ayurvedic texts Charak Samhita, Bhavaprakash Nighantu, and Ashtanga Sangraha. That's when a unique ritual called Kshir Pak Vidhi caught his attention. Kshir means milk, Pak means to boil, and Vidhi means to process. He learnt that when you boiled specific medicinal herbs in Cow's milk, the resulting hair oil was effective against common problems such as hair fall, hair growth, dandruff, hair damage, pre-mature greying, and thinning.

Dr Dahyabhai Patel began experimenting with different herbs and oils. After testing and refining numerous such formulations, he created Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil. His formulation was an overnight success. So much so that even other medical practitioners started prescribing Sesa for curative and topical treatments.

We at Sesa are proud of our heritage. Because at a time when other hair care products were mainly focused on outwardly good looking hair, Dr Dahyabhai created a product that focused on making hair beautiful on the inside and the outside.

A small business that sources
and produces locally

We believe high-quality Ayurveda should be accessible to all. We follow this philosophy when sourcing, producing and pricing our products. Wondering how we ensure quality while keeping it affordable? Here’s our little secret!

We source the choicest ingredients from local suppliers. This benefits the local communities we work with and helps us control costs. Unlike our counterparts, we produce Ayurvedic hair care products in-house. We make them at our facility nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas. This helps us ensure quality without cutting the corners.

Products that don’t hide
behind the labels

If there’s one thing that defines us, it’s our honest ingredients. Don’t believe us? It’s all there on the label. Sesa Ayurvedic oils are 98-98.75% pure herbs and oils. NO extracts, NO Mineral Oil. This is higher than most of our counterparts. Because we know, when it comes to you, nothing less would do.

Our Certified Ayurvedic products are not cosmetic. They are Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine with therapeutic properties that are effective against modern-day hair problems. Did you know? Sesa Ayurvedic Oils are clinically proven to be effective against multiple hairs and scalp problems such as hair fall, hair growth, dandruff, premature greying, thinning, and hair damage.