Facing Hair Thinning? Try this RIGHT NOW!

Facing Hair Thinning? Try this RIGHT NOW!

Ayurveda states that hair thinning or receding hairline is caused due to imbalance in one’s doshas. In our last blog about hair thinning, we talked about how imbalanced Pita dosha is the main reason behind hair thinning, premature greying and untimely hair loss. 

We also discussed the Ayurvedic herbs that can help balance the pitta dosha. Link to the blog- 

In this blog, we’ll discuss certain practices that can help us balance this dosha and thus fight hair thinning.

Avoid pitta aggravating diet

As discussed in our previous vlog, Pitta dosha’s imbalance is the main reason for hair thinning in most people. To prevent this, we must avoid a diet that further aggravates the pitta dosha. Things that you must avoid include- 

  • Food that is warm or hot
  • Hard Drinks like alcohol
  • White Sugar, Jaggery
  • Nuts like cashew, almond and pistachios.

Massage your hair with oil twice a week

Massaging your hair with a good ayurvedic oil goes a long way in protecting your hair follicles from damage. Oil massage increases the blood flow to the scalp and fills the gap around your follicles. Doing so prevents surfactants and other chemicals from entering the hair shaft. It protects hair follicles from damage and helps in growing healthy hair.

Sesa Strong roots oil is a Proprietary Ayurvedic medicine and is a mixture of 26 medicinal herbs and 6 oils boiled in milk for 22 hours using the ancient Kshir Pak Vidhi. It helps strengthen hair follicles, reduce hair fall and boost growth. It is recommended for curative & preventive treatment of hair & scalp disorders. Unlike other oils in the market, this oil contains zero percent mineral oil.

Switch to natural products

We couldn’t emphasise more how important it is to use natural products in hair care. Natural products are made from ingredients that generally don’t cause allergies or side effects. These are a safe alternative to products with chemicals that can be harsh on your scalp and hair strands. 

Massage your scalp while shampooing

Massaging your scalp while shampooing is a trick we all must follow. This increases the blood flow to the scalp. This is also helpful for people who do not have time to oil their hair. But make sure you use ayurvedic shampoos because harsh shampoos might cause allergies or irritation to the scalp. 

Do not over-treat your hair

Overtreating your hair with chemical-based products does more harm than good. Your hair tends to get weak from all the treatments and becomes more prone to breakage. A hair care routine that involves oiling, shampooing and conditioning are more than enough to sustain hair health.

Avoid harsh chemicals

We’ve said this before, and we’ll repeat it- you must get rid of chemical-based shampoos with parabens and mineral oils. These chemicals not only weaken your hair but can also cause scalp infections and allergies. Your hair deserves natural products that can gently clean your scalp and are mild on hair strands.


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