Ashwagandha for Hair. Is it beneficial?

Ashwagandha for Hair. Is it beneficial?

Ashwagandha is a popular ayurvedic medicinal herb that has been used in India for centuries. It’s one of the most important herbs and is used as Rasayana for its healing properties. 

But did you know that Ashwagandha can do wonders for your hair as well? In this article, we’ll try to understand what exactly ashwagandha does to our hair and also talk about its benefits.

What does ASHWAGANDHA do?

Ashwagandha is, by nature, an adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbs that help your body in adapting to surrounding stressors. It brings the body to a better balance. Ayurveda suggests that every ailment, big or small, occurs when any of the three doshas(Vata, Kapha, Pitta) in our body are imbalanced. Ashwagandha is a

Vata, Kapha pacifier and is essential for curing ailments related to these doshas. 


Controls Hair Fall

Stress is known to be a common cause of hair fall. Ashwagandha is known to reduce stress and cortisol levels in the body. It not only treats anxiety but also prevents hair fall. Ashwagandha is known to strengthen hair follicles thus making them more resilient to external and internal changes. Stronger hair follicles result in lesser hair fall.

Conditions the Scalp, and treats dull hair.

Ashwagandha stimulates the production of DHEA, a natural antioxidant hormone. This hormone can increase the production of sebum on our scalps. This moisturises the scalp and conditions it. It also helps in keeping the hair texture smooth, thus preventing dull, brittle hair.

Keeps scalp infections at bay

Ashwagandha is a powerful anti-inflammatory adaptogen. It improves the overall health of the scalp. It controls allergies caused by inflammation thus keeping your hair follicles safe and your scalp healthy.

Slows down the process of premature greying

Ashwagandha has an amino acid called ‘Tyrosine’ which is helpful in the production of melanin on your scalp. This acid helps in boosting melanin thus restoring hair’s natural colour.

Controls postpartum hairfall

Ashwagandha is known to balance the postpartum hair fall caused by hormonal imbalance. When a woman gives birth, her Vata dosha gets imbalanced. This imbalance, if not combined with a nutritious diet can cause a lot more hair fall and hair thinning. Ashwagandha being a Vata pacifier helps in balancing Vata during postpartum days. 

If you are a new mom struggling to take care of your postpartum hair fall then we have the right solution for you. Sesa Ayurvedic hair care juice for New Moms is a powerful blend of strong medicinal herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Bhringraj. These herbs target the problem-causing doshas and balance them to help you fight the postpartum hair fall and weakness. It makes your hair follicles stronger and also helps with immunity and strength. 

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