Why Do I Need Supplements When I Am Leading A Healthy Life?

Why Do I Need Supplements When I Am Leading A Healthy Life?

For us Indians taking supplements can be daunting. Why someone would voluntarily consume pills every day is beyond us. If you are taking a few pills daily, you must be ill right? Wrong!

Diet supplements have become common abroad but in India not so much. Surveys on dietary supplements found that almost 76% Americans consume supplements with their diet whereas in India the percentage is as low as 37%. Through this blog our aim is to increase awareness and possibly convince you to contact your healthcare provider for guidance.

Say what you will but the diet today is not what it used to be. The reasons as to why we should consume supplements are varied, ranging from environmental pollution, imbalanced diet, all the way to stress.
1. Stress and pollution result in the reduction of your body’s ability to fight common and serious infections which puts your body at a risk of infection.
2. Nowadays, even the water and food we consume are not purely beneficial. The modern water production methods and excessive filtering rids the water of essential minerals.
3. Some modern farming techniques coupled with the use of fertilizers strip away the soil and thereby plants of essential nutrients. So unfortunately, we are missing out on a lot of key resources as we choose to over-filter, overthink and maximize profits.
4. Most of the urban population does not get the minimum required amount of sunlight, that provides Vitamin D, to the body due to the negligible exposure to the sun. This problem has increased manifold since the coronavirus outbreak. Hence, the need for a vitamin D supplement arises.
5. As we age the absorption level of nutrients declines as the body is not able to optimally break down the food and absorb all the nutrients.

Also, people with food allergies, people who smoke, drink in excess, some vegans, the elderly, women with heavy periods, pregnant/breast feeding women and crash dieters should especially be careful as their bodies are more susceptible to such deficiencies. Supplements can also prove to be useful for people who play sports and work out regularly because their body uses up a lot of the stored nutrients and energy.

All this calls for the use of supplements. Taking supplements can reinstate your body’s health and can keep it safer from infections. And most importantly, prevention is always better than cure so making sure that your body is strong and not susceptible to disease is the least you can do!

Like your body, your hair also needs essential nutrients for proper growth and upkeep. While oiling gets the job done it is not always enough. Most of the supplements available in the market are more focused to help the body and not your hair. Sesa has come up with a diligently crafted range of juices for everyone for both hair and body. Filled with the richness and benefits of various Ayurvedic herbs like jatamansi, shatavari, amla, shilajit and ashwagandha each juice has a distinct function keeping in mind the hardships we go through in life, men and women alike. From pregnant women who often go through phases of low levels of energy, postpartum hair loss, to men who suffer with low energy levels and recurring hair problems we’ve got something for everyone! Check out our range below!

• Sesa Ayurvedic Hair & Vitality Booster Juice For Men
This 100% Ayurvedic juice with the richness of shilajit, triphala and ashwagandha helps men tackle issues like decreased energy levels and recurring hair problems. It provides them vitality and virility as well as fights all their hair worries.
• Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice For Daily Use
This certified ayurvedic juice is brewed using centuries old vedic knowledge to help take care of your hair and scalp. It is a blend of highly potent swaras herbs with the richness of various vitamins.
• Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice For Menopause Support
This certified ayurvedic juice is a rich blend of herbs like shatavari, jatamansi, harad and ashwagandha that help manage the symptoms of menopause and tackle hair fall-related issues.
• Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice For New Moms
This 100% ayurvedic juice is a rich blend of ingredients like Amla, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, and Jatamansi. It has been brewed using the wisdom of centuries old vedas to help new mothers in keeping the postpartum hair fall in check.

Find out which supplement is best for you by booking a free consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor at www.sesacare.com!

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