Shopping for Hair Care? Avoid These!

Shopping for Hair Care? Avoid These!

We all are well aware that buying hair care products can be a confusing task as with time there has been an explosive growth in the hair care industry. Now with thousands of brands at our disposal and all of them claiming similar things on the surface it can be hard to make a well-informed choice. But, it is of utmost importance as using products that are full of chemicals can not only be extremely damaging for your hair but also to the environment. It often happens that after using the products formulated with such chemicals and toxins our hair feels soft but this softness is only temporary and the long-term consequences are adverse. In this article, we’ll inform you about some harmful ingredients that you need to steer clear off while buying hair care products. 


Sulphates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – SLS And Sodium Laureth Sulfate – SLES)

One of the most toxic and harmful ingredients that hair care products can have are sulphates. Sulphates are the cleansing agents that are not only cheap but also produce the lathering effect that we often mistake as a sign of a good shampoo. When these sulphates enter our bloodstream, they sometimes leave residues in the lungs, liver and brains. They are also known to cause acne as they clog pores. In addition to this, sulphates when washed down in the drain have an adverse effect on aquatic life. So, when buying shampoo look for the ones that have coconut-based surfactants as they are water soluble, have a thorough cleansing effect and are gentle on the skin.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a moisturizing oil that is used in several cosmetic formulations. When used in hair products it works to restore shine and prevents split ends by adding a protective coating to the hair. However, it does not penetrate the hair fibre and only works externally. It is ineffective in treating existing damage and is not beneficial for your hair in the long run. So, be wary of the products that contain mineral oil.


Also known as xenoestrogens, parabens are found in many shampoos and conditioners. They are preservatives that are used to prolong the shelf life of the product. They are so harmful that they can even affect reproductive health and can result in neurotoxicity. So, look for words ending with paraben in the ingredient list eg, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and stay away from the product if you find them.

Denatured Alcohols:

When products that contain denatured alcohols are applied frequently and in higher concentrations, they dry out the scalp. Although alcohols are somewhat safe for use in cosmetics it is best to avoid them as that will only make your scalp healthy and hydrated. 


Formaldehyde is an agent that can cause cancer and yet is found in many hair products. It is a vapour that smoothens and cleanses hair. This preservative can in time even seep into the air from its packing and cause toxicity in the environment which might result in asthma. Formaldehyde does not need to be listed when used to formulate other compounds. Hence it is difficult to spot it. 

Synthetic Fragrances

Products that contain fragrances can cause itching, redness or hives on the skin. Fragrances are added to hair care products to enhance the user experience. It is best to look for fragrance-free products especially if your scalp is sensitive. If you want to make your hair smell good, use it on the ends, just be wary of the scalp. 


Silicones give your tresses shine and gloss by locking in moisture, adding a protective layer to your hair. However, they are known to dry out your hair over time as it prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft and eventually cause it to look weighed down. We recommend looking for long-term solutions if you want your hair to look shiner such as using products that contain plant-based, cold-pressed oils. Some of the common silicones are Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclomethicone, and phenyl trimethicone.

Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD)

Most permanent and semi-permanent dyes contain a chemical compound named PPD. When it comes in contact with your skin it can result in allergic reactions and increase sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.

Selenium Sulphide

Selenium sulphide is a carcinogen, a compound that causes cancer. It is one of the most harmful chemicals and must be avoided at all costs as it causes tumours. Look for it carefully while buying anti-dandruff shampoos as it is most commonly present in such products. 

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