Hair Loss: What’s Happening Outside Starts from Inside

Hair Loss: What’s Happening Outside Starts from Inside

It is a widely accepted fact that one of the most important aspects that determines our physical appearance is our hair. When this aspect is compromised our self-esteem takes a major hit. Like most other problems or illnesses, hair loss does not care for things like age, gender, or caste. It carefully chooses its victims, stealthily creeps up on them and strikes when they least expect it. So, it is important to know why you are losing hair and what you can do to make it better. If you ask us to pinpoint one single issue that causes hair loss we will fail miserably, because the truth is hair loss occurs due to a combination of factors: both internal and external. In this blog we’ll take you through the multiple causes of hair loss in detail and you’ll be surprised to know that every little life decision determines the health of your hair!


1. Stress
You have probably heard it a million times but stress, be it physical or mental is one of the major reasons for hair loss. Stress weakens the hair follicles and makes your hair go grey prematurely. Not only this, but it also hampers the growth of new hair. In today’s world it is practically impossible to not be stressed. Hence, we advise you to keep your stress levels in check by doing things that help you keep calm like practicing yoga, meditation, or journaling. Working out or massaging your body with essential oils can also have a soothing effect on the mind and the body.

2. Deficiency of Zinc, Iron and Proteins
Deficiency of essential nutrients like zinc, iron and protein often leads to hair loss. Zinc boosts hair tissue growth and makes sure that the oil glands around the follicles work properly. Foods rich in zinc include lentils, spinach, oysters and pumpkin seeds. Iron on the other hand helps the red blood cells in carrying oxygen to our cells which subsequently assist hair growth. Our hair is made up almost entirely of proteins so consuming enough of it is crucial.

3. Lack of Vitamins A, C and E
Vitamins play a big role in boosting hair growth and in its maintenance. Vitamin A is essential for the growth of cells, and it also assists skin glands in creating an oily substance called sebum. Sebum keeps the hair and scalp healthy by adequately moisturizing it. Vitamin C helps in production of collagen and prevents hair from aging. Lastly, Vitamin E prevents oxidative stress and boosts hair growth. To make sure we are consuming all of these nutrients daily can be a task. So, to make your job easier Sesa has come up with an Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice For Daily Use. This juice is a blend of highly potent swaras herbs with the richness of various vitamins and its regular usage assists hair growth. Check it out!

4. Hormonal imbalance
Amid the various reasons that might be stunting your hair growth, hormonal imbalance is a major one. There can be a fluctuation in the hormones for a variety of reasons such as stress, menstruation, thyroid disorders, and menopause. For instance, during the first few months of pregnancy new moms shed an excessive amount of hair as the hair that were previously in the growth stage attributing to the high levels of estrogen enter the shedding phase. To help new moms deal with these changes in their hair and body with ease Sesa has come up with an Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice for New Moms. This juice reduces hair loss and combats postpartum symptoms!

Similarly, during menopause, estrogen levels decline dramatically which makes more hair enter the resting phase. This leads to increased hair loss. If you or someone you know is dealing with this we recommend checking out the Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice For Menopause Support by Sesa. A hormone named androgen is responsible for hair growth in men and to some extent in women. A decrease in this hormone due to age results in thinning of hair. So, if there is an imbalance it is important to pinpoint the reason and then take appropriate measures to fix it.

5. Genetics
Hair loss is often hereditary. So, if your ancestors have a tendency of losing hair it is likely that you might have to go through it as well. However, it might not always be the case as the hair growth cycle is unique to each individual. You cannot stop hair fall completely but you can surely delay the process by taking appropriate precautions and by keeping your hair nourished and healthy.

6. Hair Loss Due to Medications
Medications taken to cure common health problems sometimes result in hair loss. An excess of vitamin A or vitamin A based drugs termed as retinoids can also cause loss of hair. Medication for thinning blood, depression, oral contraceptives etc. can result in baldness or an apparent reduction in the hair volume. Hair loss due to this reason is generally temporary but in extreme cases can be permanent.


1. Heat and extreme hair care
We all like our hair to be kept well. Straighteners and curling irons are our ‘go-to’ before any party or get-together. We know having elaborate hairstyles can be quite tempting but excessive and regular use of heat while blow drying, or styling can irreparably damage hair. This happens because the temporary bonds that hold the polypeptide chains together within the hair get broken down by the heat. Pulling hair harshly or wearing tight ponytails can have similar effects. So, we recommend doing complicated and tight updos only occasionally and handle the hair with care while doing so.

2. Chemicals
Many hair products in the market nowadays are filled with harmful parabens, silicones, and sulphates. They might look harmless from afar but they deeply damage hair. The shampoos that contain polythene glycol and alcohol and the hair dyes that contain paraphenylenediamine should be avoided at all costs as they make the hair brittle and in some can cause allergic reactions. It is best to avoid products with such harmful chemicals, scents and go for products that are herbal and natural as they maximize hair growth. Doing this can make all the difference in the long run.

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3. Environment
Our scalp and hair are quite sensitive. They dry out in adverse climatic conditions of heat, cold and humidity. They lose their luster and can become dull and straw-like when not cared for properly. In addition to this the ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause the chemical bonds in the hair to break down. The scalp then loses moisture, dries out, itches, and turns flaky. Chlorine and saltwater have similar effects.

4. Smoking
Some studies recognise smoking as an external factor that results in hair loss. It damages the DNA of the hair follicle and releases toxins that are responsible for follicular inflammation due the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Not only this, but the smoke from the cigarette also has adverse effects on the vascular structure of the hair. The blood flow in the body gets affected due to the restriction on the blood vessels which thereby results in baldness or hair loss. The slowed down blood flow hampers and retards hair growth.

5. Scalp conditions
Some scalp conditions and fungal diseases can contribute to slower hair growth and hair thinning. There is a loss in hair when the scalp condition changes the structure of hair follicles and weakens them. Sometimes these conditions result in itchiness and inflammation of the scalp and hair follicles. These subsequently lead to scaly patches, hair loss and flakiness. Some examples of these scalp conditions are psoriasis, dandruff, ringworm infection, folliculitis, alopecia areata and seborrheic dermatitis. Once the condition is treated, the hair usually grows back.

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Hair loss is not uncommon, and everyone goes through it at some point in their lives. So, if you are struggling with it don’t let it shatter your self-esteem and know that you are not alone. If you diligently take appropriate measures to care for your hair it will surely become healthy again! However, we’d like to add that hair loss is often a tell-tale sign of many underlying conditions. So, if you think you are experiencing extreme hair loss due to no apparent reason, we recommend not taking it lightly and reaching out to your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

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