Decoding the prowess of the Ayurvedic Herb: Shilajit

Decoding the prowess of the Ayurvedic Herb: Shilajit

Shilajit is known as 'the destroyer of weakness' in the Ayurvedic world.  It is a resin, full of aphrodisiac, adaptogenic and rejuvenating properties, obtained from high altitude mountain ranges such as the Himalayas, Altai and Tibetan mountain ranges. Known in English as Asphaltum, the primary function of Shilajit is to help in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. In addition to this, it also helps manage stress, anxiety, and severe conditions such as breathing disorders, urinary disorders, kidney stones, oedema, skin diseases, phthisis, piles, anemia, epilepsy, mental disorders, and worm infestation. 

Some ancient ayurvedic scriptures hold that as the mountains get heated up from the sun's direct rays in the summer months, they melt and yield a semi-solid substance known as shilajit. However, tectonic movements and compression of humus and plant remains,  for millions of years, caused these components to get converted into a tar-like substance. Whenever due to excessive heat, the rock gets cracked, the tar-like substance oozes out and settles itself on top of the rock. Hence, the herbo-mineral obtained is rich in minerals, nutrients, and humic and fulvic acid. In its natural form, Shilajit is full of mycotoxins, free radicals and heavy metals. When consumed unpurified, it can have long term side effects on your health. So, consume purified shilajit after consulting with your healthcare provider. 



This ayurvedic herb is known to have multitudinous benefits. They are as follows!

1. Remedies Stress And Anxiety

Shilajit's adaptogenic properties keep the body's serotonin levels in check and reduce the symptoms of anxiety, uneasiness, cold feet and hands, etc. It also stabilises the Vata pitta doshas in the body. Its intake calms the mind, alleviates stress and improves energy and stamina.


2. Helps Manage Diabetes

When taken along with the medication for diabetes, Shilajit regulates the glucose and lipid profiles in the blood. The insulin production by the pancreatic β-cells becomes more active in taking shilajit formulations. The breakdown of starch into glucose is reduced, leading to low blood glucose levels. 


3. Enhances Fertility And Libido

Shilajit's aphrodisiac properties stimulate testosterone production, boosting men's libido, stamina, virility, and fertility. Consuming Shilajit increases blood circulation in the genitals, which improves the quality and motility of the sperm. Check out the Ayurvedic Hair & Vitality Booster Juice For Men by Sesa! It is a 100% Ayurvedic juice brewed using centuries-old Vedic knowledge to help men tackle issues like decreased energy levels and recurring hair problems. It provides them with vitality and virility and fights all their hair worries. 

4. Improves Cognitive Functioning

Shilajit helps increase the brain's functioning by preventing the breakdown of brain chemicals that are needed for memory. This, in turn, also enhances the focus and concentration levels and makes the individual more calm and alert. In addition to improving cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, reasoning, and memory, shilajit is also used to treat Alzheimer's and other brain conditions. 


5. Promotes Cardiac Functioning

Consuming this herb positively affects the heart due to its antioxidants and cardio-protective properties. It soothes the mind, which in turn relaxes the cardiac system. It reduces the risk of heart attacks, blood clots, heart blocks etc., by giving strength to heart muscles, preventing the accumulation of lipids and dropping cholesterol levels.


6. Protects From Intestinal Troubles

The anti-inflammatory properties of shilajit hinder the growth of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori in the gut. Shilajit also prevents constipation due to its laxative nature. It effectively softens the stool and facilitates its smooth passage. It also prevents other troubles such as colic, abdominal distension and intestinal gas. 


7. Slows Ageing Process

Its regenerative properties help in tissue repair and prevent cellular damage, thereby racing the ageing process of the heart, skin and lungs. The fulvic acid protects our body from the free radicals, the antioxidants make bones stronger, and the stronger immune system prevents infections.


8. Rectifies Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Some people have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which causes intense fatigue and energy loss due to mental and physical stress. The many minerals in shilajit improve the body's cellular function and treat this syndrome with time. 

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