How does winter effect your hair?

How does winter effect your hair?

Winter is here and we have news! For those of you wondering if your hair requiring a little extra care during winter concept is a myth, sorry, it’s not. The cold weather not just impacts your skin, it impacts every part of the body that is exposed to it. This blog tries to focus on the impacts, causes of impacts and tips to reverse and avoid the winter damage, if any.

How does cold weather impact my hair?

The cold weather, especially in the northern region, spares no one. We are not trying to scare you, but we are definitely trying to warn you. Most of our customers from these regions ask us why their hair feels dry and brittle during these months. Well, we’ll try explaining the logic as simply as we can. 

Our hair has layers and the outermost layer is called a cuticle. As long as the cuticle remains closed, our hair looks smooth and shiny as the moisture is kept locked inside the hair. Cold weather tends to lift up our cuticles.Once this cuticle is lifted, moisture cannot stay locked in our hair. This is the reason why your hair feels so dull and damaged.

Once your hair is dry and brittle it only keeps getting worse. Dry hair is more prone to getting tangled. Combining or brushing these dull dry locks will cause more damage and breakage. 

It just keeps getting worse.

Tips to protect your hair from the cold weather:

Moisturise your hair

Since cold air makes your hair dry and brittle, it becomes important to moisturise them to hydrate them. To moisturise your hair you can use a good ayurvedic oil and massage it into your hair for at least 5-10 minutes. It will also create an outer layer of oil around your hair strands saving it from the cold and harsh air

Avoid styling products that involve heat

Since your hair is already affected by the harsh weather and is facing damage then it obviously might not be a good idea to add to the damage by using heating tools on hair. It would be better to cover them while going out in the sun to avoid drying them further. Use  styling tools that don’t involve heating.

Cover your hair with woolen scarves or caps.

Prevention is always better than cure. If you want to save your hair from coming in contact with the harsh winter wind then the best way would be to keep them covered when going out in such weather. Try wrapping a loose woolen scarf around your hair to not ruin your hairstyle. Woolen caps are also a nice to way to cover and protect your hair, but they might temporarily take away the volume from your hair.

Use gentle shampoo

Since your hair starts losing the nutrients and moisture it wouldn’t be a good idea to use chemical based shampoos and amplify the damage. The harsh chemicals used in some drug store shampoos including parabens and sulphates can be extremely hard on your hair. Apart from causing buildup and dryness they can also cause- allergies, itchiness and even bald patches in some cases.

Sesa’s Rice Water Ultimate Hair Care Kit infused with ayurvedic herbs is the perfect choice for fighting the frizz this monsoon. This three-step kit is a powerhouse of hair smoothening ingredients like Rice Water, Biotin, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. It locks your cuticle and adds additional shine to your locks. 

Sesa’s Rice Water kit fights dullness, dryness and frizziness. All this while being super gentle to your hair. Suitable for all hair types, its 100% natural actives-based formula is free from sulphates, parabens, silicones & artificial colour

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